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Labour Law

Our labour law specialists are professionals with extensive experience in all the fields of this area of law and constantly updated on all legal developments that may be applicable.

Their work technique is based on listening, analyzing and providing "tailored" solutions to each client. No similar cases exist. Therefore, we offer innovative solutions to all work situations that may arise in a business throughout its life and we always work from the strategic planning of employment relationships.

We support our customers in the defence before Courts and Tribunals, as well as before administrative bodies of all kinds such as Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Services, Working Inspections, FOGASA, etc.

We offer counselling on the following matters:

  • Hiring
  • Executive Management Contracts
  • Termination of Employment Contracts
  • Disciplinary Proceedings
  • Mobbing and Harassment
  • Collective Negotiation
  • Employment Relationships
  • Substantial Changes in Working Conditions
  • Transfers, Geographical Mobility
  • Social Security
  • Prevention of Work-related Risks
  • Training
  • Expatriations
  • Lawsuits
  • Appeals
  • Legal advice in  conciliations and trials

We also render highly strategic services with clear impact on the smooth running of the income statement of any company, Labour Checking or "Due Diligence" at work.

Labour Checking is an essential tool for all those in charge of Employment Relationships and Human Resources. It consists in checking the company’s adequacy to the labour law in force and to best practice at all times, with recommendations and action plans that will help enhance and solve daily problems of work relationships as well as non-desired contingencies. This service is of great interest in the acquisition of new companies, and in the merging or segregation of the same.

Labour Law

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